The AI Platform from Aigoritma that Empowers Organizations to Easily Leverage the Power of AutoML

Put your data to work in just four easy steps. ML Studio AI-offers allow domain experts and citizen data scientists to easily solve real-world problems.
No muss, no fuss, no-code.

Access All Your Data in One Place

No more going from one sheet to another. Easily access all your data from every platform and see it all in one place.

  • Start an AI/ML project with a single step from a single platform
  • Use our built-in connectors to access databases, cloud storages, and local files
  • Play with your raw data all you want and import and view in various charts as you like

Engineer Your Data and Extract Features with Our Drag-and-Drop Tool

Investigate summary statistics and discover patterns. Use our domain-specific feature engineering methods to tailor your data.

  • Visual data preparation at will. Transform, join, aggregate, enrich and clean your data.
  • Use feature engineering methods that integrate your business knowledge into the algorithms.
  • Incorporate historical and live external data such as weather conditions and forecasts. Create model ready datasets and pipelines. Never miss anything.

Get everything an ML model can offer without a single line of code.

Experiment, analyze, and train models as you like in one click.

  • Experiment tracking made easy, see the magic of your model while it’s still running
  • Compare the runs, learning curves and all training metrics to see what works best for you.
  • Log each and every training so that you can always trace your best findings back, then reproduce your favorite experiments.

    Bring your project to life.

    Deploy and monitor models into a production environment to create real-world, data-driven solutions. Make them user-ready.

    • Schedule your models in real-time or desired intervals. Your time, your choice.
    • Monitor feature and label drifts every step along the way, don’t wait until something goes wrong.
    • Understand how models function by using our explainability module. Detect bias and ensure fairness.

    ML Studio Product Overview

    Learn how ML Studio can deal with a real-life business problem using a sample dataset to predict public transport demand.

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