Accelerate Your AI Projects with ML Studio + AWS

Accelerate your AI projects by combining Aigoritma and AWS. Empower everyone in the enterprise—from AI builders to business users and the C-suite—to take part in the production process with data-driven decision-making.

Get everything an ML model has to offer while taking advantage of the service and scalability of AWS. If you are already using AWS, you can leverage AWS Marketplace to start spinning up a server preinstalled with ML Studio. ML Studio can also seamlessly integrate your data with platforms like Amazon Redshift, Amazon Simple Service Storage (Amazon S3), and Amazon Athena—to ensure a smooth experience with AWS Cloud services.

AWS has also made it possible for organizations to store their data efficiently. ML Studio can seamlessly connect those data sources and instantly create value by removing technical obstacles to make predictive analysis and train machine learning jobs. It empowers anyone with visual workflows to extract valuable insights from data on AWS.

With ML Studio, users can experiment, analyze, and train models in just one click. Deploy and monitor models into a production environment—and bring your AI projects to life. Tackle today’s most challenging problems in dynamic industries such as energy, retail, smart manufacturing, and financial services.

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Add Real Value to Your AI Initiatives by Augmenting ML Studio Modeling Services with AWS

The AWS machine learning platform is a dream for developers. Now, with ML Studio + AWS, domain experts can augment their expertise with the scalability and a wide variety of AWS services. Access all your data from one place—use our built-in connectors to access databases, cloud storages, and local files. Users can operationalize their machine learning models without hassle—and deploy them on AWS without having to waste time to manage infrastructure.

Take Advantage of the Performance, Scalability, and Reliability of AWS Architecture

ML Studio is a fully automated micro-services project empowered by orchestration tools, AWS Infrastructure, and continuous monitoring tools.

  • ML Studio uses Amazon EKS to take advantage of the high performance, scalability, reliability, and availability of the AWS infrastructure. Users can still have AWS-managed Kubernetes services with customized policies for securing and managing projects—and Kubernetes objects are deployed to EKS.
  • By visualizing metrics, and sending alerts, the EKS cluster is constantly monitored and analyzed with advanced external tools. This way, action can be taken quickly on issues related to our Kubernetes cluster.
  • Auto Scaling is one of the core features of ML Studio. It can maintain a higher level of application availability and adjusts the capacity of resources according to real-time demand patterns—and with dynamic scaling policies. The fleet management features of AWS Auto Scaling also help maintain the health and availability of our resources.
  • Load Balancing automatically distributes incoming application traffic across multiple targets in different Availability Zones (AZs) to scale the largest traffic, maintain system firmness, improve system performance, and protect against system failures. Just as resources such as servers autoscale—deployment objects in Kubernetes also autoscale horizontally.

Build and Deploy Data Projects More Efficiently with ML Studio + AWS

ML Studio has technology-agnostic, agile, and pluggable microservice architecture that offers flexibility and uses the best languages and tools for each service—and with enhanced integration. Since they quickly migrate to newer technologies thanks to this fault tolerant architecture, it’s easier to switch to the latest frameworks or tools. Users can also build sustainable, high-performing applications to upgrade capacity and effectively adapt to market demands.

As services are isolated, the structure of this modular system is reliable and stable. Should any error or security issue occur in one service, it won’t affect the performance of other components—and thus ensuring that the entire system won’t be negatively affected. ML Studio is constantly being tested, monitorized, and debugged to ensure a smooth user experience.

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