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ML studio enables you to use solutions tailored to your business. We start by understanding your problem, pick a solution template from ML Studio and help you to tailor it best for your needs. Then you start using it for your other processes or problems. 
  • Connect to Various Data Sources
  • No code data prep & feature engineering
  • Build ML models without technical expertise
  • Build & schedule data flows and model pipelines
  • Connect to Various Data Sources

    Effortlessly connect to 100+ data sources. Simplify data integration for your projects. Enjoy the convenience of accessing external data like weather forecasts without managing additional data pipelines.

  • No code data prep & feature engineering

    Tackle data cleaning and manipulation tasks with ease using our no-code data editor. If you can wrangle Excel sheets, you’re already overqualified! Perform Python or SQL operations without coding and seamlessly integrate your business know-how through visual feature engineering.

  • Build ML models without technical expertise

    Simply select your data and what you’d like to predict, then let the magic unfold. Train ML models with just one click, and analyze and understand how predictions are made. ML Studio automatically handles hyperparameter optimization and heavy-duty tasks, making machine learning more accessible and user-friendly.

  • Build & schedule data flows and model pipelines

    Deploy your ML models in production in seconds, not weeks, without infrastructure costs or delays from other departments. Schedule predictions and model trainings to continuously learn and improve, keeping your models up-to-date with the latest data.

Manually handle each requirement
  • Tedious manual steps. Time-consuming processes.
  • High barriers to entry. Steep learning curves.
  • Complex data integration. Struggle with external datasets.
  • Repetitive tasks. Redundant coding efforts.
  • Limited collaboration. Impaired team communication.
  • Costly infrastructure. Expensive hardware and software.
  • Difficulties with scale. Struggling with growing needs.
  • Many tools. Juggling various platforms and tools.
  • No automation. Lack of AutoML capabilities.
  • “It works on my machine.” Hard to deploy.
  • Unmet expectations. Loss of information.
  • Lack of trust. Limited explainable AI (XAI).
Let ML Studio deliver value
  • Streamlined processes. Simplified ML project management.
  • Low barriers to entry. Accessible to all skill levels.
  • Easy access to data. Integrated data marketplace.
  • No redundancy. Eliminate repetitive coding.
  • Effective collaboration. Seamless teamwork on projects.
  • An affordable solution. Lower costs with an all-in-one platform.
  • Scalable platform. Effortlessly adapt to your growing needs.
  • Unified tools. Everything in one place.
  • Automated models. Leverage full AutoML capabilities.
  • Real-world deployment. Production-ready models & scheduling.
  • Transparent. Each stakeholder can participate.
  • Glassbox. Understand each and every prediction.
Start to improve your business by taking a step into the future.

We help our customers to have up to

less manual
planning efforts
more accurate
deployment cycles
  • İçtaş
    Before using ML Studio for daily electric consumption predictions, the error rate was as high as 14–15%. Now, the error rate of IC İçtaş Energy has dropped to as low as 3%.
  • TurkishClients TurkishClients
    Zorlu Enerji

    Zorlu is using ML Studio to automate their portfolio management, continuously predicting electric consumption and executing intraday trades to reduce costs. 

  • Allianz
    After using ML Studio to cut down on claims leakage and to augment cost optimization, Allianz has been able to save 1–1.5% each year

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Start to improve your business by taking a step into the future.
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